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Clear Coaches Select is the best thing I could’ve done to take my Coaching business from “side hobby” to kick-ass CAREER.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Before signing up I had all kinds of ideas, but no clue how to implement them or even how to create a cohesive message!  Now, not only does my message feel clear, but I’m already creating fully formed marketable content left and right!  Clear Coaches Select is BLOWING MY MIND.  -Jen Mallinger​​​​​​​
“Clear Coaches was one of the first business classes I took and it was amazing.”

​​​​​​​I learned so many business fundamentals but the most important thing was how to use video to attract clients. Susan is fun, brilliant, and supportive. Since learning from her I have gone on to create a seven-figure business that I love. You simply MUST learn from her.” -KendrickShope,​​​​​​​

Now in its 9th round, with over 100 graduates, Clear Coaches Select is a time-tested program for professional coaches who want to make more money.